Lympne – a Kentish safari

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Your walk starts from Lympne, a village rich in history which boasts a grand castle and Portus Lemanis, a former Roman fort that was built to protect the fleet. The lofty Lympne Castle was constructed from the stone of the derelict Roman fort.

From the castle you’ll wander the banks of another fortification, the Royal Military Canal. This peaceful waterway was built during Napoleonic Wars as a defence against invasion and even though it was never used for this purpose, it offers a valuable habitat for a range of wildlife as well as a tranquil, woodland-edged walk.

You’ll need to catch your breath after climbing the cliffs and views of giraffes and other residents of the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park are sure to stop you in your tracks.

Your final climb will be rewarded with more spectacular views across the reclaimed lands to the open sea ahead.

NB Take care in winter months as the route slopes can become very muddy and slippery.

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