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Enhance your canoeing experience in Ramsgate by taking a group guided canoe safari through one of the UK’s most important protected bird sites. Canoeing through Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve, you can experience sightings of wetland birds and seals as nature intended.  This is a great opportunity to spot rarer birdlife and seals in their habitat so bring your binoculars!

Starting in the open sea in Ramsgate and making it’s way over to the Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve, you will have the opportunity to sighting of wetland birds and seals as nature intended.  Venturing into such a precious and protected area – the area is an internationally important place for wintering birds and marine life – it is vitally important that the natural balance is not disturbed.  Leaving the coast how you expect to find it is the best way to observe the coastal code.

Joining a guided tour

A guided tour lasts 2-3 hours and is suitable for people who have done some canoeing before.  This is not an area to be exploring alone.   Tours are offered by local experts – see below for details who know the area well and can ensure you have a responsible canoeing experience in this highly protected area.

What do I need?

Joining in is hassle free. You don’t need to bring a canoe or kit with you, it’s all provided for you on arrival, simply turn up and join in with experts who know this precious area inside out.  The tour will give you access to areas inaccessible by foot whilst still maintaining the peacefulness of the area.

At the end simply hand the kit back and you’re free to explore the rest of Ramsgate as you wish.

Book a tour with Canoe Wild – Phone 01227 469219 or 07947 835688



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