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Discover Bore Place with this gentle circular route revealing secrets of a landscape.

Bore Place Little Brown Jug Walking Trail
Bore Place Little Brown Jug Walking TrailDownload
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The Bore Place trails weave their way through the fields and woodlands of the 500-acre organic dairy farm, offering panoramic views across this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These gentle circular routes reveal secrets of a landscape that has been farmed and worked for over 1,000 years. The trails start and finish at the Bore Place car park and are waymarked by colour-coded directional discs and tall oak posts. This pleasant walk to Chiddingstone Causeway incorporates a pub stop.

A pub Classic in Chiddingstone Causeway!

If you love the classic pub walk, then you are sure to love this walk that takes in the best of the Kentish countryside, military history, ancient woodlands and precious landscape.

Setting out from the beautiful setting of Bore Place, you will immediately find yourself surrounded by rolling countryside, look for oast houses dotted on the landscape, a reminder of days gone by when hops would have been stored in oast houses to dry out after hop picking. Hop picking has strong connections to Kent when families of hop pickers would visit Kent to pick the hop harvest.

Look out for a World War II pillbox, a reminder of the areas military history. Pillboxes were formed from concrete dug in to create guard posts, they are equipped with loopholes through which to fire weapons. Designed to blend into the landscape, pillboxes were used widely in Kent during World War II.

Pass through managed woodlands, where trees have been thinned to grow well and invasive species such as brambles have been cut back so they do not dominate other plants.  Carefully managed woodland is essential to the survival of rarer plants and wildlife who depend on the balance of naturally managed woodland to thrive.

The ground is made of soft Wealden clay, which often carries the footprints of animals that are prevalent in the area.  See if you can spot deer prints, they are commonly found in the area.

The perfect mix of meadow and woodland means game-birds such as pheasants, grouse and partridge thrive, their distinct colours and patterned feathers providing a streak of distinct colour as they run across your path.  Very timid by nature you are unlikely to get too close, but their appearance will still enthrall you.

Nothing beats the promise of a cosy pub after a bracing walk in the Kent countryside. This gentle walk boasts the choice of two pubs within an hour on foot of Bore Place, using the network of public footpaths and bridleways. The walk takes in classic Low Weald landscape with its patchwork of arable fields and grazing pastures.

Chiddingstone is one of Kent’s most attractive villages, the long distance walking route, the Eden Valley Walk passes through it as it winds its way to Penshurst and Tonbridge.


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